Marvelous lower Petrohué river offers us everything from wonderful landscapes, calm and quiet sections to train our basic skills and also some small rapids which literally surface when at Reloncaví Fjord at a distance of only 2 kilometers the tide is out. We choose the section that we will be kayaking with you according to your skills on the boat, and if you wish to, you can also spend the whole day  on the river kayaking 30 kilometers from Hueñu Hueñu River to Reloncaví Fjord. We also offer the option to camp at the riverside in order to enjoy these wonderful landscapes during two entire days where we will discover the river paddling or floating as you desire and all this backed up with good food to keep body and soul togehter.

If you prefer, like us, the two days option of this trip, contact us before placing your reservation in order to make a quote and plan your taylored trip in detail.

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Our day-to-day routes offer overwhelming landscapes and are a good choice for bike trips: According to your interests (landscape, sports, training ...) we can offer a variety of different routes around Reloncaví Fjord. On these trips you will be accompanied at a certain distance by our car, which may provide support in case of need.

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If you plan to stay only a few days in Chile's Lake District, our one day trips will show you our local highlights - Volcanoes, Lakes, Rivers and stunning temperate rainforests. Probably, you will like our trips and will want to come back to see more!

Chile's Lake District, Patagonia and Araucania offer many opportunities to immerse yourself into unspoiled nature. Feel free to choose all your desired trips to configer your personal travel package. Our published offerings are just a few of the many possibilities. If you have another adventure in mind, contact us!

During our mountaineering trips our main concern is your safety.

If you want to enjoy a marvelous day at the riverside with your family you are exactly at the right place here. Here you can find several trips on some of Chile's rivers. Our personal offering includes flat water trips only (up to WW II). We are focusing on family trips - or just for the two of you - to lonely spots having a rest or a barbecue at the river side, swimming, kayaking, boating. You are free to suggest whatever might be your personal adventure and we can probably offer you a tailor-made adventure for you.

If you wish to experience a "real" white water trip, please feel free to ask back so that we can recommend the service provider of our confidence for your adventure.