Our hiking trips in Ralún take profit from the marvelous landscape of Petrohué river's valley and of the surrounding mountains which stand tall at the lower river valley until the river's mouth to Relonvaví Fjord. On this tour you will see uncomparable panoramic views, you will be crossing ancient and new forests of endemic trees as well as meadows. This trail has been carved into the earth during decades of the people home to this area simply passing by. One of our trail options leads you through a stony gorge uphill where the rivulet further upwards gains speed. Here you can admire stones grown all over with moss and lined with giant farns. We offer this trip also passing by less demanding trails which are not less steep anyway as well as easier to go trails which also lead to beautiful outlooks on the landscape. According to the weather conditions we can round off this day jumping into the cool water of Petrohué river.

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