This marvelous trip leads us to the foothills of mount Tronador's Chilean side. On our way we pass by Laguna Cayutúe, cross rivulets with our horses, camp in between forested hills close to rivers and lagoons until reaching our target: The foothills of majestic Mount Tronador where we spend 4 days exploring the surroundings depending on your personal preferences: hiking, trekking, climbing, horse riding or just relaxing and enjoying the loneliness at this special spot on earth.

This trip is also suitable as logistic support for climbers who want to climb the Chilean summit of Mount Tronador.


This wonderful trip begins under the perfect cone of Osorno volcano. Driving up the steep flanks of Osorno the native forest disappears to give place to a landscape blanketed with wildflowers and rolling slopes of volcanic choss and boulders. High over the tree line, we observe the breathtaking panoramic view of sunset over Llanquihue Lake, the largest body of water in Chile's Lake District. At nightfall, the sky explodes with millions of brilliant stars. Just imagine yourself gazing up at the stars and into infinite space...

Volcano Osorno with its perfect white cone often draped in dainty lenticular clouds and laced with crevasses and seracs is considered to be one of the most beautiful and perfectly formed volcanoes of the world. From it's summit, a glacier of isle type, you have an overwhelming view over the lakes Llanquihue, Todos los Santos, Ranco and Rupanco and over large forested hills. You can observe Petrohue River's peculiar right-hand hook away from Llanquihue Lake. During some ancient eruption, a lava flow poured off of Osorno and diverted the Río Petrohue 90 degrees overnight. Volcano Osorno is part of Chile's eldest National Park, the Vicente Perez Rosales and Chile's Lake District. It's height is of 2690 m (8825 ft) At a low speed which allows to observe the landscape, it takes 6 to 7 hours to climb up to the summit. The way back takes 3 to 4 hours. From the top of the Osorno you have a fabulous panoramic view over Volcanos Calbuco, Tronador, Puntiagudo, Yates and having good sight you can look until the volcanoes Lanin and Villarica at a distance of more than 300 km (180 miles).

We start at 5:00 am (subject to daylight time) travelling to the mountaineering and ski centre La Burbuja at 1200m of height. Here we check equipment and improve climbing techniques and start our climb. According to the technical skills of the group’s members most exposed parts of the climb are going to be covered by a fixed rope. The summit is to be reached before 14:00 pm to guarantee a safety margin to get back safely. We enjoy the marvelous views if weather conditions allow to start descend and return to the starting point.

We also offer a two days trip to climb Osorno, which is strongly recommended especially to novices to use the time advantage. Think also that it is beautiful to enjoy one night on the volcano.

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This trip is an excellent choice to enjoy effortlessly a day with family or friends in nature. We float on Petrohué River without mentionable rapids to pass a day inmersed in nature, swimming, taking sun on lonely beaches and share a tasty food at the campfire. Here you can join different interests in  one boat and everyone will be satisfied: Those in need of more action can have a swim in the river or explore the surroundings when we stop at one or other beach while the others go on relaxing on the boat or at a beach.

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The crowning of this trekking tour ist the climb to Casablanca volcanoes summit. Being well guided, this activity does not require any special technical skills and does not bear any any mayor risks due to exposition to steep slopes. And anyway, this trip offers marevelous outlooks over a landscape that is clearly marked by former volcanic eruptions and it also offers the challenge to reach the summit at a height of 2240 meters above sea level. This is why we already did this climb with children to iniciate them in mountaineering and they all have been overjoyed by the mountains.

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If you plan to stay only a few days in Chile's Lake District, our one day trips will show you our local highlights - Volcanoes, Lakes, Rivers and stunning temperate rainforests. Probably, you will like our trips and will want to come back to see more!

Chile's Lake District, Patagonia and Araucania offer many opportunities to immerse yourself into unspoiled nature. Feel free to choose all your desired trips to configer your personal travel package. Our published offerings are just a few of the many possibilities. If you have another adventure in mind, contact us!

During our mountaineering trips our main concern is your safety.

If you want to enjoy a marvelous day at the riverside with your family you are exactly at the right place here. Here you can find several trips on some of Chile's rivers. Our personal offering includes flat water trips only (up to WW II). We are focusing on family trips - or just for the two of you - to lonely spots having a rest or a barbecue at the river side, swimming, kayaking, boating. You are free to suggest whatever might be your personal adventure and we can probably offer you a tailor-made adventure for you.

If you wish to experience a "real" white water trip, please feel free to ask back so that we can recommend the service provider of our confidence for your adventure.