This marvelous trip leads us to the foothills of mount Tronador's Chilean side. On our way we pass by Laguna Cayutúe, cross rivulets with our horses, camp in between forested hills close to rivers and lagoons until reaching our target: The foothills of majestic Mount Tronador where we spend 4 days exploring the surroundings depending on your personal preferences: hiking, trekking, climbing, horse riding or just relaxing and enjoying the loneliness at this special spot on earth.

This trip is also suitable as logistic support for climbers who want to climb the Chilean summit of Mount Tronador.


This wonderful trip begins under the perfect cone of Osorno volcano. Driving up the steep flanks of Osorno the native forest disappears to give place to a landscape blanketed with wildflowers and rolling slopes of volcanic choss and boulders. High over the tree line, we observe the breathtaking panoramic view of sunset over Llanquihue Lake, the largest body of water in Chile's Lake District. At nightfall, the sky explodes with millions of brilliant stars. Just imagine yourself gazing up at the stars and into infinite space...



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If you plan to stay only a few days in Chile's Lake District, our one day trips will show you our local highlights - Volcanoes, Lakes, Rivers and stunning temperate rainforests. Probably, you will like our trips and will want to come back to see more!